Better Album Reviews

HRH Mag. – “The album captures the band’s triumphant live appearances which are infectious & pure unadulterated pomp/prog/hard rock genius”

MUSIC NEWS  – “Classic Rock at its best”

PLANET MOSH – “You should re-name this album ‘Stupendous’

FIREWORKS Mag. – “Better” is a worthy follow up to “Quarto Stagioni” as it has maintained the quality & variety of the tracks while still remaining true to their roots.”

GET READY TO ROCK – “4th Labryrinth have crafted an album to match the love & reputation they have from their live performances. A lot of talent squeezed into 37 minutes”

CLASSIC ROCK PROG. – “4th Labyrinth have been making their presence felt on the festival scene & it’s a striking one. Better’s effect is cumulative: as semi epic closer ‘Make It Mine’ fades out the album resonates, the whole seeming stronger than its parts”

GUITARIST MAG. – “Cambridge-based proggy outfit shows great promise – certainly a band to watch out for”

RAMZINE  – “An album filled with some fine catchy hooks & tunes. They have shown they’re capable of meeting the challenge of making their 2nd album as interesting as their debut”

VELVET THUNDER – “They are tight and utterly comfortable with the music. They stretch out with some progressive material, hit you hard with some crunchy classic rock & simply raise the spirits with some upbeat, even danceable, material”

DECIBEL GEEK – “The musicianship is top notch throughout. Vocalist & keyboardist Marcel leads the band & allows them all to contribute to this wonderful 70s inspired classic rock that might have its roots there but is still fresh & new sounding”

GET READY TO ROCK – “a major step forward towards the rock’s premier league. An invigorating album that will surely feature in several ‘best of’ lists at the end of the year”

ROCK REMEDY – “Better than the last – better than lots of others too” – “No second album problem here & they finish with the epic Iron Maiden flavoured “Make It Mine” which rounds the album off perfectly”

Debut Album Reviews

Classic Rock Society – “4th Labyrinth will intrigue those old enough and those with an ear for real music”.

Get Ready To Rock – “They have a spirit of adventure in their music that rides rough-shot over familiarity ,cliché and low level expectations”.

The Rocker – “A rather classy offering” .

Fireworks ” They live in a variety of musical styles,perfectly combining their masterful talents & musical tastes to forge a unique Rock sound.”

Church of England – Tollboth “An impressive debut stuffed with classic songwriting and refreshingly interesting lyrical stance”

Radio Comments

“Arhh, from the heart!” Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

“Very powerful Voice!” Tim Willet, Cambridge105

“Good groovy stuff from 4th Labyrinth” Wyatt Wendals, PLANET ROCK RADIO

“Wait until you see them live – the charm & skill oozes from every pore.” MMH Radio 

“Make sure you get their album” Peter Antony, Radio Caroline 


“The unbelievably funky 4th LABYRINTH have drawn people to the barrier. They are a great visual band with bassist Claudia McKenzie always a joy to watch” (Downthefront live review)

“This is Classic Rock at its best” (Stutter’zine)

“A speedy, bouncy, heavy rock energy predominates with commercial potential” (RnR Mag.)

“Super-tight guys, 100% on all 5 cylinders! What more can I say, VERY professional 5-star sound! The WHOLE performance was “Electric!”… and I THANK you ALL for a GREAT show!” (Sid Barker)

“4th Labyrinth…The bass player alone…her energy is just so infectious…and the songs…and the hat. I love the hat!…Shining Star! What a song! …and your Radio 2 song…Wonderful Song…Wonderful Song! (Dan Reed of Dan Reed Network at a gig)


“Most impressed… that’s some high phat content” (MangoZapp)

“Music and voice is fantastic, congratulations! Thumbs up!” (Belén Vida)

“Awesome, really liked it, would like to catch you live sometime : )” (Heather Kimpton)

“Watched from start to finish – really liked it – catchy lots of energy – bass player rocks – all great players. Cheers.(MisterNoHead)


Alex@JudgeDewie – Well I’m hugely impressed with 4th Labyrinth Classic Rock with prog flourishes…and some brilliant Roy Wood/Jeff Lynne hints…Mind you, on Rule The World there are bits that really remind me of Opeth

Richard Miller – My wife bex is new fan and listens to shining star over and over, Need 2 albums now! lol


“This is pretty sweet guys!! Love it! x”(Matt)

“Yes yes yes yes and yes!”(Adrian)

“I love the riff”(Sue Marchant BBC)

“It sounds lovely”( Tom Simkins BBC)

Keep Me From Falling

“I’m still singing it now and I’ve been home half an hour! What a vocal hook!! Loving the drum intro… and the solo… very Slash! The effects are spot on… not enough songs have epic intros these days! Awesome!” (Toby Matthew)