4th Labyrinth is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer Marcel Kunkel but the band started life as a group of musicians, long before playing together in the 4th Labyrinth project. The band creates an energy that is hard to find in this world of manufactured bands and artificial stardom. You’ll find the 4th Labyrinth sound somewhere between Queen, ELO, The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple, Radiohead and The Foo Fighters. It’s a sound that goes back to basics, a bit like it used to be in the 70’s – but with a modern approach…

Marcel Kunkel – Vocals and Keyboards

Marcel started playing the piano at the age of six and began singing in his early teens. Marcel has vast experience in almost anything that involves creating a recording. He has worked for many years as a professional live sound engineer working in almost every genre. Now he takes the stage himself to see it all from the other side

Claudia McKenzie – Bass Guitar


Claudia is one of the most sought after bassists in the Cambridge area. Her energetic and mesmerising stage presence never overshadows her amazing skills on the bass guitar. Claudia has also played on a number of records for others in all kinds of musical projects.


Tom Winch – Drum Kit


Tom is a well established musician on the Cambridge music scene. Originally starting with piano from a young age he discovered the drums later in life. With the distinct advantage of being able to read score and already speaking the language of music, he soon mastered the new instrument to the point of teaching others. Together with Claudia he provides the solid rhythmic backbone of 4th Labyrinth.


Andy Cross – Guitars


Taking care of the guitars in for 4th Labyrinth now is Andy Cross. As the owner of Zoo Audio Studios in Cambridge he is not only an excellent guitarist. Andrew has a well trained ear and the experience to take the guitars in the band to the next level. He will also be able to bring backing vocals to the live performances. Expect great things!

Lachlan Golder – Guitars


“Lachlan Golder is simply one of the most amazing, most tasteful guitarists I have ever worked with” says band leader Marcel. “I have played a couple of studio session with him now and a few gigs.”We all feel extremely privileged to rock out with him as an additional guitarist when ever we can.¬†

Andrew and Lachlan make two guitars in 4th Labyrinth work like no other  guitarists before.

all pictures (c) by Trevor Cotterell